Philosophy designs: Podcast cover artwork commissions

A while ago I was put in touch with Nigel Warburton, a philosopher, author and podcaster. I have been a listener of Philosophy Bites for many years and it remains one of my favourite podcasts.

Philosophy Sites

Philosophy Sites

Philosophy Bites

An unsolicited and unused redesign for the original Philosophy Bites podcast

Nigel was in the process of creating a new podcast — Philosophy Sites — about the places associated with various notable philosophers.

I experimented with a number of designs, trying to avoid something too obvious. For a long time I resisted the green colours you see used in the final design above because it implied trekking through the countryside, which wasn’t what the podcast was going to be about at all. But in the end sometimes the most straightforward designs are the best.

Thinking Books

Thinking Books

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Speculative design: My take on county flags of Liberia

After listening to a Hello Internet podcast episode, I thought it might be fun to attempt to re-design the Liberian county flags that were ridiculed. I’m completely unqualified to tackle any of these flags, knowing what I do about Liberia. (Which is nothing.) I simply looked at the original flags, skimmed the relevant Wikipedia articles and tried to come up with nicer-looking designs.

You can compare my designs with the originals at the bottom of this post and read about how — for a brief moment — it seemed possible that these flags could have been seriously considered by someone in the Liberian government!

My concept was fairly simple: To take the top half of the Liberian country flag, turn it 90 degrees and use that as a canton for each of the county designs. The Liberian flag has a fairly wide aspect ratio (10:19) meaning that the ‘earmark’ I’ve used on each of these flags could be ‘cut off’ and the remaining flag would *almost* be a standard 2:3 ratio. That gives each county the option to use a version of their flag with or without the Liberian canton.

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Chromafeed: A WordPress theme and blog I created was a WordPress blog I designed and curated, featuring cool short films I discovered online. It ran for almost a year (24 May 2011 – 15 March 2012) before I decided to retire it.

Chromafeed blog

The blog theme was bold and colourful, designed to evoke a retro cinema vibe while prominently featuring the videos.

The navigation design was also very important, allowing viewers to explore by top-level category or the more esoteric tags. As well as enabling discovery, the prominent navigation made it easy to see at a glance what the site was about.

You can watch the short films I posted on Chroma Feed on by browsing the ‘Chroma Feed’ tag.

Post created: September 2016