Diagram of interest


The following is a Venn-esque diagram I created this evening as a means of illustrating (and discovering) what subjects really interest me, and how they overlap.

Diagram of things that interest me

[ 1200 × 1200 full size version ]

As the disclaimer says, these aren’t all subjects I would claim to be any kind of expert in. Rather, they are all areas I consider either important or fascinating. For example I’d certainly never claim to be any kind of journalist for fear of revealing my huge ignorance of most of that industry, however I do spend a lot of time thinking about related subjects like hyperlocal news, data journalism, freedom of information and how many journalistic standards and practices should be used as a model for bloggers.

I began sketching this diagram out as a personal exercise, hoping that it would reveal to me some great insight into what kind of career I should seek out by thinking about the skills I have and would like to obtain. Then it occurred to me that it would make a fun design exercise and a blog post for here.

Other areas like photography and computer graphics are more my forte.

I still don’t know what I really want to do, but now I’ll be looking for something that encompasses as many of these areas as possible.