About me

I’m a self-taught internet enthusiast based in Brighton & Hove, UK. I have one good eye for design and another good photographer’s eye combined with social media savvy and strong technical skills. I speak HTML and CSS to a high standard and can cut and paste pretty fast. I give good Photoshop and know a wide repertoire of other software tricks.

Internet native

I can read and write standards compliant HTML 5 and CSS 3, backed up with a little jQuery. WordPress is my CMS of choice, though I have experience with others.

Currently I’m excited by the trend towards content-first, mobile-up responsive designs.

I practice honest SEO techniques, like keyword research, producing great content and making it accessible with semantic markup and microdata. If you just want to rank at any cost, then I am not the spambot you are looking for.

I’m also an avid social media user, but who isn’t these days?

Multimedia design skills

As well as designing for the web I have experience of designing for print. I can produce logos, 3D visualisations, brochures, presentations, illustrations and motion graphics.

Logo design for a LGBTQ conference

I’m comfortable with the Adobe Creative Suite, especially Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

My 3D software of choice is LightWave. I have good skills in hard surface modelling, texturing, lighting and composition. Hire me if you want a photorealistic rendering of your product, and definitely hire me if you want to make a sci-fi film!

I also have some experience with video editing software, including AVID, Premiere Pro and Motion 5.

My Toe Fluff monster

Known facts

  • Made in 1977.
  • Based in Brighton & Hove since 2013.
  • Recovering Linux user.
Visiting the old Torchwood set

Recent sighting


BBC Wales Interactive (2008—2011), on the Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures websites, amongst others.

Studio Winter, Liskeard (2006—2008) and Atkins Walters Webster, Bristol (2000—2002). Two very different architectural firms where I worked as a ‘Graphics Technician’, producing 3D visualisations, AutoCAD drawings, presentations and promotional materials.

Before and after CG rendering

I’ve also worked in retail. Never again!


Despite only paying attention in my last year of school, I still managed to get straight B’s at GCSE, and then again at A-level. Really good B’s – almost A’s! Art, Design and English Language were my strong subjects.

I’ve always excelled at the things that inspire me and have never stopped developing new skills.

Hobbies and interests

Photography – I’m a keen amateur photographer armed with a DSLR, iPhone and a variety of analog cameras. I have a good eye for unusual compositions and a tendency to keep human subjects out of the frame.

Paris bike

In 2009 I created a photography group on Flickr called Thing a Week, which became quite popular and taught me a lot about running an online community.

My work can be found at Flickr and 500px. I’m also on Instagram as Foomandoonian.

Computer graphics — I’ve always had an interest in the special effects industry, and in the mid-1990s Babylon 5 inspired me to learn LightWave 3D, the computer graphics software I still use today. The skills I learned by building space ships helped me later get work producing visualisations for two architectural companies.

A LightWave 3D render of the Enterprise

Blogging – I run a few blogs, on Tumblr and WordPress.com on different topics:

  • Halfblog.net is the closest thing I have to a personal blog. Posts could be on pretty much anything that either amuses or confuses me.
  • Decodering.com is a Tumblr blog where I curate useful and interesting links about anything to do with code, though the focus is very much on the developing HTML and CSS standards.
  • Foomandoonian.net is my primary Tumblr blog, and as such contains geeky in-jokes, memes, cute animals, Lego masterworks and very occasional NSFW images.
  • …by contrast, the blog on this site is pretty dull.

I also designed and ran ChromaFeed.tv to showcase independent short films. Though the blog was short-lived, I remain proud of the design.


(You can still see the short films I posted on Halfblog.net under posts tagged Chroma Feed.)

Other interests

As a design exercise, I produced this Venn-esque diagram of things that interest me.

Diagram of things that interest me

(Also: Minecraft!)

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