Philosophy designs: Podcast cover artwork commissions

A while ago I was put in touch with Nigel Warburton, a philosopher, author and podcaster. I have been a listener of Philosophy Bites for many years and it remains one of my favourite podcasts.

Philosophy Sites

Philosophy Sites

Philosophy Bites

An unsolicited and unused redesign for the original Philosophy Bites podcast

Nigel was in the process of creating a new podcast — Philosophy Sites — about the places associated with various notable philosophers.

I experimented with a number of designs, trying to avoid something too obvious. For a long time I resisted the green colours you see used in the final design above because it implied trekking through the countryside, which wasn’t what the podcast was going to be about at all. But in the end sometimes the most straightforward designs are the best.

Thinking Books

Thinking Books

Philosophy Speaks

Philosophy Speaks – Another design commissioned that I don’t believe has been used yet

Later Nigel commissioned me again to produce the cover art for another podcast, Philosophy Speaks. I don’t believe this was ever used. My design was perhaps a little too cute anyway: Speech bubble shapes with quotation marks inside forming a loose yin-yang shape.

Later again I was asked to design the Thinking Books artwork, and I’m rather proud of the finished piece. I had actually tried quite a variety of designs for this which weren’t at all bad, but sadly they seem to have been lost. Anyway, the finished design was by far the simplest and best of the ideas.

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