Some fun Sarah Jane Adventures stuff I designed!

These are some of the things I made for the BBC’s Sarah Jane Adventures website. The SJA site has changed a lot since my time there, but you can still dig some of these up if you search around.

Sarah Jane Adventures — Storyteller

Sarah Jane Adventures — Storyteller (unfolded)

The Storyteller is a paper ‘fortune teller‘ game. I had a lot of fun coming up with the little stories, as well as designing the game itself. I also designed a stationary sheet that kids can use to write letters.

Sarah Jane Adventures — Letterhead

But my piece de resistance was a six-page PDF download with instructions and assets for kids to make their own attic model.

Sarah Jane Adventures — ‘Make The Attic’ instructions

Download the PDF [5.4 MB]

This ended up taking ages, so I owe thanks to the website’s producer for pushing the deadline back two days in a row so I could do a nice job. I wanted to arrange the instructions like a comic book and inject a sense of fun. There are still bits I would like to tweak, but in the end it simply had to be finished and go live!

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