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Self portrait I know how to index a GIF and when to use a JPEG or PNG. I know what a process colour is and when to use spot colours. I know what a Bézier spline is and can use one. I know what a UV map is, and when a procedural texture might be better. I know what blending modes are, and the difference between ‘lighten’ and ‘screen’. Aspect ratios and resolutions do not confuse me. I know what an f-stop is and how to make good use of depth of field. I kern. I know why style sheets cascade. I know what a canonical URL is and can tell you everything you really need to know about SEO in twenty minutes. I can produce excellent compositions and usually tell you why. I know the meaning of far too many acronyms.

I learned all these things for fun. Do you want to know more?

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Speculative design: My take on county flags of Liberia

After listening to a Hello Internet podcast episode, I thought it might be fun to attempt to re-design the Liberian county flags that were ridiculed. I’m completely unqualified to tackle any of these flags, knowing what I do about Liberia. (Which is nothing.) I simply looked at the original flags, skimmed the relevant Wikipedia articles and tried to come up with nicer-looking designs.

You can compare my designs with the originals at the bottom of this post and read about how — for a brief moment — it seemed possible that these flags could have been seriously considered by someone in the Liberian government!

My concept was fairly simple: To take the top half of the Liberian country flag, turn it 90 degrees and use that as a canton for each of the county designs. The Liberian flag has a fairly wide aspect ratio (10:19) meaning that the ‘earmark’ I’ve used on each of these flags could be ‘cut off’ and the remaining flag would *almost* be a standard 2:3 ratio. That gives each county the option to use a version of their flag with or without the Liberian canton.

See the rest of my flag designs! →

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